Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm ba-aa-ck!

I spent Thanksgiving at my real Dad's house in Abilene, Texas, and it snowed! Yes-REALLY! While I lived there it never snowed (thank you Lord!), but over the three days I was there for vacation, it did. For those of you that live in the northern regions, you're probably wondering what the big deal is, but I moved to Florida when I was 12--and haven't seen snow since then, so this was a BIG deal!

My step-brothers were making fun of me because I kept looking outside to see if it was still there. After we ate, I went outside to play for a little bit. Let me tell you, after 10 minutes, the thrill was gone. Unfortunately, my brothers decided to lock me outside in the freezing cold! No, I'm not exaggerating--look at the temperature!

In any case, I made some snow bears. The snow wasn't wet enough to roll and make a proper snowman, but I was able to pack it and make the mommy and baby snow bears.

Thankfully, my Dad finally felt sorry for me and let me back in. He had the fireplace roaring, so it didn't take long for me to thaw out. Yippee!

Unfortunately I was only there for three days, so we didn't get a chance to do too much. I didn't even get a chance to see my friends, which was a bummer because there's only so much t.v. that I can watch at a time. We did venture out for a bit on Black Friday

and I was given my Christmas present early--a Zune!!!! (It's Microsoft's answer to the iPod.) Yea--I can finally listen to my music everywhere I go--especially at the airport when I had to leave on a 6:30 am flight. Yep--you read it correctly--that was A.M.--as in o'dark early! It was so early, that I was able to see the sunrise from the plane.

Now, I'm back in sunny Florida! Just look at the pictures I took from the plane!


In any case, I'm now back to the daily grind and I'm trying to get everything finished before Christmas. YIKES!

Prayer Request:

I'm in the process of looking for another job--whether it's still in the library profession or something completely different--I'm open. God and I have been discussing many things here recently and change is one of them. I've been holding some things very closely (computer time, job, finances, etc.), and He's telling me that I need to loosen my grip and trust Him to take care of me. (Kind of hard for someone that has to do everything for herself or it doesn't get done.) Just keep me in your prayers. Thank you!!!

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