Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Update/Book of Names Trailer

I promise, I really didn't pray to have the day off yesterday, but our School District officials decided that in the event Fay decided to really come in our direction, that it would be best for everyone not to be at school. YIPPEE!!!

While the air was a bit muggy yesterday, the skies were pretty much clear and it was a beautiful day! (Thank you Lord for changing Fay's path!) Since my Mom and I were both off on the same day (how often does that happen? if ever?) we decided to go shopping...for Crafts! (Now we know why I have to work--it's to pay for my hobbies.)

In any case, after shopping, I did get some work done--I created our Library Orientation since I have to start orienting the freshmen to our library tomorrow. Did I mention that we have no air conditioning? It's actually cooler outside in the muggy weather than it is inside. (Grrrr.... why yes, I've been in a lovely mood today.) I bet if the main office was without air they'd get it fixed... Meanwhile, I need to go take another shower--I stink!

Here's a preview of tomorrow's Teen FIRST book--Book of Names by D. Barkley Briggs

If you enjoyed that brief clip, here's the Blooper Reel starring his kids!

And finally--you can win prizes in the Riddle Quest! Watch this video for more information! Good Luck!

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