Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Olympics

Did you all see that? Phelps just won his 8th GOLD medal!!! I had to leave the room halfway through the race because I was so excited, but fearful that the Aussies would catch them. WOW!!

I also watched Torres get SILVER twice! I think it's kind of rough having to swim back-to-back like that, but she actually swam her best time in the relay. (It's the second girl of the relay that slowed them down. Grrrr....)

I also watched the women's marathon this afternoon in awe as the winner picked up her pace and kept her speed throughout to win the GOLD! Only as she was getting closer to the stadium did she start looking back to see how far the chase pack was...much to her surprise--over a minute behind! I tearfully watched as one of the women continued to run the marathon, despite her hurting leg--mainly because she didn't want to be labeled a quitter again by the media. (Quite frankly--anyone getting to the Olympics and even attempting to run 26 miles gets my standing ovation--whether they finish or not!)

All of these events reminds me of the Bible verse of... keeping your eye on the prize and not giving up. All of these athletes are doing a fabulous job of living out this part of the verse. Congratulations Olympians!


Literary Feline said...

Here on the West Coast Phelps hasn't yet won his 8th gold--the downside of TV delays. :-( I am glad to hear he won though! I'll be watching when he does!

The Dynamic Uno said...

Yikes! ~cringing~ Sorry about that! I still hope it was exciting for you to watch despite my letting everyone know.

Literary Feline said...

Don't feel bad. It isn't your fault. I would have cheated anyway and looked at the results page on the main Olympic site. I got into that habit this past week to see if was worth staying up and watching the late night gymnastics events. Why they had to have them on so late, I will never know. And you weren't the only one talking about the results. Quite a few others were as well and I received two breaking news alerts that gave the results away too--all before I got to see the swim.

The Dynamic Uno said...

I don't understand why they have to show them so late either. I'd rather watch the Olympics than the stupidity that is usually on when I get home from work. Oh well--"they" didn't ask me. :)