Sunday, August 17, 2008

The time has come....

I can't put it off any longer. I have my clothes laid out, my totes full, and my lunch packed. Yes, my dear readers, school starts with the kiddos tomorrow. (Cue terror music.)

Do you remember this Staples commercial? I feel like the parent when school ends and the kids when school begins.

Is it bad for me to pray that Fay comes close to us so they cancel school on Tuesday? I personally think it would be wonderful to have a day off--however, the downside would be--endless rain (good book weather), no power (which means no air--Yikes!), and GASP! a possible evacuation (everyone usually comes to our house).

Ok--so I don't really want to have a hurricane hit us--too messy and very annoying to clean up. Besides traffic is horrible without there being hurricane debris everywhere.

For those of you going back to school/teaching tomorrow--I hope you have a wonderful, stress-free day! For those of you who do not teach-- I hope you have a great Monday too!

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