Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Auditions were not too bad last night. Most people were relatively calm--with the exception of the guy with the knife--but that's a REALLY long story--maybe another time.

The funny part of last night was when I heard from one of the hopefuls--"Do you remember me?" At which time I happened to look up from the paper-work and saw one of my former eighth-grade students standing there! (Of course I remember him! He sat in the second row from the door--the third seat back--AND his mother used to do his projects for him!) Yep--I remembered TC--although I didn't go through all the things I remembered about him. He did say that he is now studying to be an EMT at one of the local community colleges and is also waiting tables on the side. (I'm really happy to hear this because that's what he wanted to be when he did his career research paper for my class. Yes, he had to do this in front of me, so I know his mom didn't write this one for him.)

In any case, I was dead-tired (no pun intended) when the evening came to an end and I couldn't wait to come home and take a shower before dropping into bed.

Today, I plan on watching Scrapbook Memories on TV and then reading the rest of the day. Have a wonderful weekend!

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