Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excuse me?!

I know I've slacked off a bit on the whole news thing--especially since I'm trying to remain positive about our new" leader." But when the top articles in yesterday's newspaper says "President Obama's Budget Proposal More Than Three And A Half Trillion Dollars" I had to come up for air. Am I the only one who caught this headline? I mean, I've been listening to people moan and grouch and complain about "how much the Bush administration spent" and how it's all "Bush's fault we're in this mess", etc. And yet, I don't seem to hear anyone say a thing about how much Obama plans on spending--with the except for House GOP leader John Boehner of Ohio. (Thank GOD, someone is trying to stand up to this craziness!)

Isn't this the same man who campaigned that he would cut all of this spending and so forth? What a crock of garbage. Then, the article continues to talk about his proposal for the universal health care system (socialism anyone?) and the rest of the points in his so-called budget. (They even continued with a follow-up article today.)

Please tell me, "Mr. President," what exactly are you smoking, and is it legal?

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