Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Blahs

Last night was our annual Media Specialist Banquet in which we take our principals and the powers that be and remind them of how wonderful we are (Read as: Why you should keep us in our jobs) and that we appreciate their support.

We also found out with the 20% budget cuts this year, that one of us (my coworker or I) will have to leave our position, but that tomorrow is the BIG meeting downtown that decides if there's a slim chance of tomorrow that we can both stay.

So, now I just want to stuff my face with a HUGE thin crust , extra cheese pizza. Is that so wrong? OK--reading over the pizza comment, I think I would be too embarrassed to order it now. Just know that I'm craving the cheese right now and all I have are lima beans and garbanzo beans. What's up with that??!!

On the bright side, I should find out next week if I'm going to Italy. :) (Hey--I may not have a job next year, but at least there's hope for a "nice Italian boy" in my future.) I hope you're having a better week than I am. Come on Spring Break! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey I see that your following me now :-).. I hope you both get to keep your jobs!

The Dynamic Uno said...