Monday, March 9, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail and his friend Bessie the Cow

This puff of fur is really an angora rabbit. When we went to the Florida State Fair, my niece wanted to hold the creature that looks like one of her fuzzy slippers. She was astounded when she found out that the bunny actually gave its hair for things she could wear like sweaters and scarves. The fur was really soft, but she didn't think the bunny would appreciate being shaved if it didn't live in Florida. "At least here it's hot."

My niece also went on to milk a cow!

She thought that it was interesting that we get our milk from a cow, but she didn't seem to eager to repeat the experience.

Tomorrow starts our horrendous week of standardized state testing--also known as FCAT. Good luck to all the kiddos, big and small, that have to take it tomorrow!


mad4books said...

Howdy from Texas...where Kirsten and I helped give the TAKS! (I like the name "FCAT" better.)

Your niece is adorable, and I honestly did not know you could make sweaters from anything but angora goats. Oh, wait...angora sheep?

Clearly from The City,

The Dynamic Uno said...

I thought the woman was lying when she said that the scarves she had for sale were from the rabbit's fur!?! She even showed us how she processes the fur and makes it into "string" on a wheel. Then she dyes it or uses it "as is."