Sunday, March 1, 2009

On a brighter note....

I have finally finished and submitted my essay for Italy. Yay! Now, I just have to wait and see if I'm selected for the grant to go over there this summer for 6 weeks to study Dante's La Commedia. (Yes, that's where I've been hiding. I haven't had to write anything "official" in about 5 years and it was not exactly what I would call "fun.") In any case, I should hopefully hear within the next couple of months whether or not I'm chosen for the trip. I'll keep you posted.
Last night we celebrated my friend Elaine's 30th year of working for her company. We went to a great little restaurant on the beach called The Wine Cellar and had a great time chatting with several of her other friends from work. (I'm the only one that doesn't work at that company--although my ex-husband did.) Great food--great service--outrageous prices! Yep, I'm REALLY glad I savored my midori margarita because it was about the price of my grocery bill each week.

After we left the rest of Elaine's friends, we decided to go to the Performing Arts Center and watch Mandy Patinkin's performance. He has a beautiful voice. Too bad I didn't recognize most of the "show-tunes" he sang. However, I did catch the "It's Not Easy Being Green" a la Kermit the Frog. Otherwise, it was nice to get out of the house.

Well, I have to go find a pink t-shirt. A group of my AP seniors are dressing as Power Rangers on Tuesday, and I've been nominated to be the Pink Power Ranger. (Don't ask--I'm not quite sure myself.) So, I think tomorrow they're going to decorate the shirts for the "meeting" on Tuesday.


Please pray for my co-worker Mary. She just called to tell me that she fell yesterday evening and may have broken her wrist. She's up in Jacksonville right now and cannot drive herself back to Tampa because of the pain. She said she'll go to the clinic to get it check out--which had better be tonight--so I should have more of an update tomorrow after work. Please pray that it's just a bruise and not a break. If it is a break--please pray for a clean break and quick healing.

Thanks for your prayers! Have a great week!

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