Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

Aside from the fact that I didn't think this day would EVER arrive, I'm having a great day! Next week is a full moon which means the kids are going to be crazier than usual. There's the stupid time change this weekend. (Hellooo...I think we should have all left work an hour early since we have to be there an hour early on Monday. Does anyone else agree?) Then, the state, in all of its infinite wisdom--schedules the FCAT test for the kiddos next week, and guess who gets to babysit, I mean proctor the test for 4 and a half hours?! AND that's just on Monday. The silly thing is, I'm supposed to walk around and make sure they're doing the work. I'm not allowed to read or do anything constructive. (Are they crazy? I REFUSE to stare at the wall for that time period. I'll be the one to go postal! I WILL have a book because I refuse to drive my children crazy by pacing back and forth.)

Thankfully, I was able to enjoy a night out with my aunt. We went to the Lightning (hockey) game against St. Louis tonight. It actually went into overtime!!! Unfortunately, the other team scored before we did--which means they won. YUCK! The sad thing is that the Lightning were not playing defensive very well. They used to actually "charge" the other team to try and get the puck away from them, but this year, the new team just waits for them to shoot the puck and then they go after it. Oh well, they'd still outlast me on the ice, so I guess I shouldn't really tell them how to play. But COME ON...I want the Stanley Cup back here!!!

My camera is keeling over again, otherwise I would have had some great shots of the game tonight. For some reason the lightning flash thingie just flashes off and on in the viewfinder and it will not take the picture. I used to think it needed new batteries, but I really think it's because it's not getting the full contact of the batteries. I've sent it in to be fixed for this exact problem before just a few months ago and it's doing it again. I guess I need to buy a new camera. Any suggestions? Anyone?

Well, I'm exhausted so I'm going to hit the showers. Go Lightning!!!

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